PDO Thread Lift

The PDO Thread Lift is a simple but effective procedure that improves laxity (loose skin), fine lines, and wrinkles. Dissolvable threads are placed just below the skin with a needle and stretched to produce these effects. Multiple closely spaced threads are typically used. PDO (polydioxanone) is the dissolvable substance from which the threads are made.

The stretching produces an immediate effect. Further improvement comes from the growth of new collagen, the subtance that makes new skin, over the next 2 – 3 months. The threads dissolve after 6 – 9 months, and the total effect lasts for 1 -2 years or more.

The Thread Lift is a practical alternative to surgery. The procedure may be used in combination with neuromodulator (Botox), dermal filler, or radio-frequency skin tightening treatment to optimize the results. It is most commonly applied to the face and neck, but can be used to treat loose skin anywhere on the body, such as on the abdomen or upper arms.

Consultation is recommended before scheduling a treatment.


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