Acne and Acne Scars

Many acne patients use prescription medication, but in some cases it just does not seem to help. They come to Althea and ask us if we can help. Fortunately, we can say “Yes!” We offer some of the best laser treatment for acne scars that you’ll find. You’ll be able to receive treatment from qualified professionals who can help ensure you successfully get rid of acne and acne scarring. We have the expertise and equipment necessary to give you some of the most effective treatments for acne available.


In recent years, laser acne treatment has been shown to significantly reduce acne. At Althea, our primary skin care tool in fighting acne is our erbium/pixel laser. This laser reduces acne scarring by resurfacing the skin. Its heat also effectively kills active bacteria at the depth below the skin’s surface where it grows.

Sometimes, when acne lesions heal, the skin becomes discolored to a dark brown or red color. We use IPL treatments as well to reduce and remove the brown and red pigment associated with this “post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation” (PIH).

Lasers can be safely used along with skin rejuvenation medications. We just pause the medications for a few days before and after the laser treatment to avoid a compounding effect. This way your skin heals as naturally as possible following the treatment.

Lasers can be used on both teens and adults. Age is not a factor for our acne laser treatment.

Before & after acne laser treatment reduction using the erbium and pixel laser


Althea AgeWell is known for our ability to treat many types of skin problems, including acne and acne scarring. Our team of experts can help determine exactly what your treatment will entail and help you undergo the procedure as soon as possible, without complications. You’ll be under the care of qualified and experienced professionals who have performed this acne laser treatment along with many others over the years. You’ll see a big difference in your skin’s overall appearance following this skin care treatment.

Acne scarring laser treatment procedure on a patient.

You may also be interested in the other types of treatments that Althea has to offer. In addition to laser acne scar treatment, we also offer a wide range of services including skin rejuvenation, skin tightening, laser skin resurfacing, laser hair removal, spray tanning, vein and capillary reduction, and many others using only the best equipment. We’re ready to work with you to give you the beautiful skin you’ve always wanted, while maintaining affordability and efficiency to keep you satisfied. We can give you everything you need to leave our clinic feeling like a new person with our acne and acne scar removal.

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