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Relaxing after Laser Treatment (2)

In my last blog post I gave part one of two for different ways to relax after a medical spa treatment, which you can check out by clicking here. So i’m back again, making sure not to disappoint, with three more relaxing ways to spend some of your free time. So you can improve not only your physical well being, but your emotional health as well.

3. Pick up that book that you’ve been meaning to start (or finish).


Books have so many genres, and are so diverse they are almost impossible to hate! They help take your mind off any worries, while at the same time helping to improve one’s vocabulary and grammar. However, if for some reason books just aren’t your forte no one ever said you have to stick to just straight novels! Reading in general is extremely beneficial; be it magazines, subtitles of your favorite show, or even more blog posts, reading is gives your brain a boost. It has much to offer, such as mental stimulation, improvement of memory, improvement of concentration/focus, strengthening of analytical skills, and much more. In the long run reading is great for the brain and can be a fun and relaxing way to exercise your mind.

2. Cook (or bake) up a storm with something delicious.


Some of us are avid cooks or bakers, and others…not so much ( So, If you’re a pro at either baking or cooking I suggest you try and find a recipe that challenges you. Maybe something you’ve never attempted before. However, if you’re like me, an amateur cook/baker at best, start off easy with a favorite treat of yours that you’ve always had to go out and get. The upside to making your own food is not only will you have succeeded (or at least tried) at making something you like, and are now able to have it whenever you’d like (in moderation), but you’re now also stimulating your senses and allowing yourself out of your comfort zone. You can get lost in your work and have your own fun with your recipe by getting creative with it and adding your own personal touch to whatever you’re making. Once you’re done you can even share what you’ve created with your family and friends…or eat it all yourself.

1.Try something new by giving yoga and or meditation a shot.

yoga mat

The advantages of both yoga and meditation are seemingly endless, both giving wonderful mental and physical benefits that can improve your well being.

Meditation is worth the while, as it is said to help reduce aging, increase attention span, improve brain function, allow you to feel more connected with others, increase immunity, and help give you a good night’s sleep. As for yoga, it helps you physically by improving flexibility, perfecting posture, building muscle strength, bettering bone health, and giving many more benefits to your health. Mentally, yoga can make you happier by increasing serotonin levels and decreasing monoamine oxidase and cortisol levels, it can improve focus, and can increase self esteem.

Both yoga and meditation are wonderful ways to connect body and mind while also allowing you to be more aware of your needs. A little goes a long way with both and taking even a small amount of time out of your day to practice either will be something you will thank yourself for later on.


You may not always have the time in your day to day life, but everyone needs some time to rest and recuperate. Taking a day or two out of a month to pamper and refresh yourself is a sure way to give yourself fuller, happier well being. Getting a laser treatment to boost your confidence or taking the time to add one or more of these suggestions can help improve your quality of life.

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Relaxing after Laser Treatment (1)

Have you ever had a day to just pamper yourself? To really be able to take the time and take care of yourself mentally, physically,and emotionally? I know that among the stresses of everyday life I could always use a break. I know when I’m walking out of Althea after a laser treatment I’m not really up for any responsibilities and definitely don’t want to be out and about. So I decided, why not take advantage of the situation? Why not take a medspa day and make it a “Me Day”? With that being said, sometimes we are so used to being such busy bees we could always use a gentle nudge in the right direction, so without further ado, here are six ways to relax post Althea laser treatment.

6. Have a delicious cup of tea and pair it with some music.


Along with that warm and cozy feeling, tea also has proven medicinal benefits. Different teas have different uses that range from helping your immune system to reducing risk of heart attacks and strokes. A great tea for relaxation is lavender, as it is said to be anti-inflammatory and could be used as a pain reliever. A nice accompaniment to your warm cup of tea is some relaxing classical or acoustic music. Pair those together and you’ve already got yourself a home spa day! However, it is important to keep in mind any allergies before using any herbal teas, and coffee is not recommended as its caffeine could make you jittery and is not good for nerves.


5. Treat yourself to a nice and warm bath to soothe and wash away any aches and pains.


Image by Solveig Osk

Taking warm baths not only has the emotional benefit of comfort, but also some physical benefits that are worth taking some time from your day to achieve. A warm bath can help with blood circulation, improve sleep, and lower blood pressure; just to name a few pros. You can even further help soothe yourself by using bath salts or bath bombs which can give a relaxing aroma along with pain relief from muscle aches after a long day. However, one should take care with the temperature and any products used in a bath/shower; you should always ask your technician if it is safe. It is not recommended to take any hot baths/showers after doing some laser treatments, and certain ingredients in products may give you the risk of being oversensitive to any laser treatments that you are having done (especially any products with acids).

4. Go back to the days of your childhood and get yourself an adult coloring book.


Go ahead and give into your nostalgia of when you were a kid, and give coloring another shot. Going back to coloring is a therapeutic experience that can help you cope with stress. And like the other things on this list, surprisingly, coloring not only has emotional benefits, but physical ones as well! Coloring is a great way to help your brain focus, it allows you to center your mind, and even exercises your fine motor skills. Through all the tension and tenseness in life, coloring is a fun and simple way to reconnect with your childhood and give your mind a break from all your anxieties.

Looking for more ways to wind down? Check out Part Two by clicking here!