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Our team at Althea AgeWell is passionate about helping clients let their inner beauty shine through with our exclusive, FDA-approved medical spa treatments. Taking our name from the radiant Althea flower, which has been known for centuries as a healing herb in many cultures, we understand that inner health and outer beauty are inextricably linked. Let us help you reveal your inner glow for all to see with our pain-free, time-saving, technologically-advanced techniques for skin rejuvenation, laser hair removal, fat reduction and body shaping.

Skin Solutions

Your skin is the largest organ in your body and bears the brunt of the elements and UV rays every day. Signs of aging like sun spots and wrinkles are indicators that your skin needs extra care. Our clinic is extensively trained in using the Laser 360 Skin Rejuvenation system. This medical-grade skin resurfacing and rejuvenation system uses 3 variations of laser wavelengths to stimulate skin rejuvenation at the cellular level. These 3 modalities of laser treatment relieve vascular and pigmentation irregularities (commonly caused by sun damage), tighten and firm the skin and resurface it so that it is smoother, more elastic and more radiant. We also offer high-tech microdermabrasion, callus peels and exclusive facial masks to refresh the skin and smooth away imperfections!

Laser Hair Removal

Traditional hair removal (daily shaving) cuts into precious time spent doing more enjoyable activities—but a series of 6-10 laser hair removal sessions in our Althea clinic can drastically reduce the amount of time you spend on this activity over time. Laser hair removal is a marvel of modern medicine in that the lasers burn out the hair follicles so they stop producing hair, and yet the surface of your skin remains cool and comfortable during the laser hair removal treatment. Our FDA-approved machine and specially-trained technicians can now offer this treatment that once only doctors could perform!

Medical skin care

Althea AgeWell is proud to be able to offer exclusive creams, lotions, serums and cleansers that go far beyond run-of-the-mill cosmetic applications. Our skin products are pharmaceutical, FDA-approved medical-grade products.

Fat & cellulite reduction

Our clinic also provides exclusive, revolutionary radio-frequency body shaping and fat-reduction technology that melts and smooths away the upper layer of body fat and cellulite. It is an excellent solution for the legs, hips, derriere, upper arms, stomach, face and neck. Contact us for an appointment at our Althea AgeWell location in the Washington DC area and treat yourself to a truly advanced, luxurious and luminous experience! Questions? Call (571) 350-3030 to chat with us directly!